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Traditional Karate-do

Kofukan is traditional japanese Karate-do.
Member of the Swiss Karate Federation SKF, the Swiss Shito-ryu Karate Federation SSKV, the Swiss Shukokai Karate Federation SSK, and the Swiss Karatedo Union SKU.

Kofukan Switzerland (since 1987) is the Swiss branch of the Kofukan International organization and we are happy to celebrate 23 Years Kofukan Karate Club Zermatt, 33 Years Kofukan Karate in Switzerland, 83 Years Doshisha Karatedo Club Japan, 103 Years Karatedo on main land Japan!

Traditional japanese Karate-do

Our Karate teacher's teachers from Okinawa brought their friendship, lifestyle, culture and Martial Arts (Ryukyu weaponry, To-de fighting and survival-skills, that were taught in secret 1609-1895 during the Satsuma invasion) to Doshisha University Karatedo Club Japan around 1920, about one hundred years ago.

Kofukan International Masters are graduates of Doshisha University and our Black Belts regularly learn from Doshisha Karatedo Masters first hand to take on their unique Karatedo heritage that was developed to live humbly, healthy, safely, long, promote friendship, be of good value for our society and, in a case of life threatening attacks, use every part of a body, inside and outside, to make sure we survive & to stop attackers immediately. Self-defense motto: No attack.
If you attack, sorry, no more way out.
Kofukan motto: Cultivate good personality and strong character, preserve correct techniques and katas, promote friendship.

ZEN is a key element on our Karatedo way.


About us

Kofukan International, a traditional Shito-ryu Karate association of Masters Tomiyama, Omi & Okubo, has member countries around the world. Master Tomiyama, "Tasshi Shihan, 8th Dan Kansho" Shito-ryu & 6th Dan Goju-ryu, is a graduate of the Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, and "Senior Instructor" or so called "Doshisha Oldboy" of the world famous Doshisha University Karatedo Club (since 1937). So do Master Omi and Master Okubo.
Already before that, around 1920ies, Master Chojun Miyagi and Master Kenwa Mabuni have taught Naha-te (from Master Higaonna) to the Doshisha Karate-do students and later "Hanko-ryu" ("Mabuni Goju-...
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Kofukan Switzerland, the Swiss branch of the Kofukan International organization of Masters Tomiyama, Omi and Okubo, has been founded around 1987 when Karl Skrabl came to Switzerland to train Kofukan Karate-do (3rd Dan Shito-ryu Kofukan at that time). Karl Skrabl trained in Visp. Later Kofukan Switzerland Dojos were established in Gamsen (Olympica) and Brig (Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus) in 1992, in Zermatt in late 1993, and in Zürich in January 2008. Kofukan Dojos in Bern, Brig, Olten, Visp, Lausanne and Kreuzlingen...
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Kofukan Karate-Club Zermatt has been established in 1998 by its board members and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in Zermatt in September 2018. Happy birthday ! Congratulations for the outstanding efforts to keep the Karate-do spirit alive in the world-famous village with its Matterhorn mountain.

Kofukan Switzerland Senior Instructors have been training with Master Fujimoto at Doshisha University Karatedo Club in Kyoto and with Soke & Founder Chojiro Tani of Tani-ha Shito-ryu Kempo Karate-do Shukokai in Japan, London and Slovenia. We're officially graded as "Shito-ryu Karate-do Kofukan Black Belts" of Master Tomiyama & "Tani-ha Shito-ryu Kempo Karate-do Black Belts" of Master "Soke" Chojiro Tani, Tani-ha Shito-ryu Kempo Karate-do Shukokai.

We regularly travel to Japan (1999, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019,...) for about three weeks each to meet & train with our teachers and friends from all around the planet and to keep our personal connections alive. We also have close contact to the Karatedo & Kobudo stiles and their Masters, Naha-te, Goju, Uechi, Shito, Ju-Go-Shizen-ryu...
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Shihan Keiji Tomiyama

Shihan K. Tomiyama

8th Dan, Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor Kofukan

Matthias Seiler

Matthias Seiler

4th Dan, Senior Instructor

Instructor Kofukan Zürich

Boris Makuc

Boris Makuc

4th Dan, Senior Instructor

Instructor Kofukan Zermatt


Karate-Club Zermatt

3rd, 2nd & 4th Dan, Instructors Zermatt

Main Instructors Zermatt


Note: The Kofukan Dojo Zürich Main Station at Lola Studio (Europaallee-Passage, Europaallee 5) has been closed in June 2020 due to the prolongation of national COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing and other preventing measures until March 2021 and maybe later.
Currently, we're training at home, individually, and will come back soon.